Diaspora Policy Interaction: Working together actively and professionally against structural inequalities!

Who we are.

We are an association of Black, Indigenous and POC professionals from diverse backgrounds. As a cross-cutting effort, we offer our services to you professionally with our diverse perspectives, experiences and attitudes. We help you overcome complex challenges in areas such as diversity, organizational development, conflict mediation, decolonization, anti-racism awareness and anti-discrimination.

DPI would like to work with you in an appreciative way in exactly these contexts, advising, supporting and accompanying you. We work according to the principle of Global Justice in order to overcome the divisions in our society based on different experiences, privileges and disadvantages together in a sustainable way.

What we do.

We support, advise and accompany you in dealing with power structures and different forms of discrimination. We organize workshops, trainings, process support, conflict mediation and organizational development.

What our clients say

The challenging, deep engagement with anti-racism, decolonisation and anti-discrimination has been implemented by DPI with appreciation, attentiveness and professionalism. It has made us more aware of our responsibilities as filmmakers.

DCM Film Distribution

Diaspora Policy Interaction has provided us with intensive and excellent support in our awareness-raising and engagement for sensitive education work in the context of anti-racism, anti-discrimination and decolonisation.

The education partners

How would you like to position and develop yourself more competently for this? Contact us for a joint and non-binding exchange. We will be happy to advise and accompany you.