What and who is Diaspora Policy Interaction? Get to know our speakers and experts! They will be happy to work with you.

Diaspora Policy Interaction - DPI is an association of professionals who offer you their services professionally from perspectives of global identity. Experiences, attitudes and competencies of Black, Indigenous and POC professionals help you to overcome complex challenges you face in many social contexts. DPI would like to work with you in these very contexts, advising, supporting and guiding you. We work according to the principle of Global Justice in order to overcome the divisions in our society based on different experiences, privileges and disadvantages together in a sustainable way.

In our work and engagement, we use the perspectives of people with experiences of exclusion and devaluation as a profitable contribution.

We would like to work with you in a discrimination-sensitive manner in these areas, among others:

  • Education and educational work
  • Media and cultural work, film production, public relations work
  • Empowerment of people affected by discrimination
  • Development of discrimination-sensitive organizations
  • Diversity management
  • Anti-discrimination-sensitive conflict mediation and conversion
  • Train-the-trainer and multiplier training for coaches in anti-racism, anti-discrimination, diversity management, process support, organizational development
  • Sensitization and training for managers, specialists and employees for anti-racism, anti-discrimination, decolonization.